April Elder Update

Shannon Guillory

Below is a summary of what was shared with the congregation on April 21, 2024. Each month our elders communicate notable updates for each of the following categories in the life of our church. 


Currently, we have collected about 100K less than the giving targets we set at the beginning of the year. 

However, God is providing! We have managed to operate with what we’ve received and our yearly expenses are only approximately 6K more than what we’ve received in giving for the year. 

Our fiscal year begins in July. We are continuing to trust God with the finances of his church and asking that you prayerfully consider evaluating your current giving as we approach a new year. 


In the first quarter of the year, Tyler Woerner was called as our pastor and we have hired Jordy and Lindsay Davidson as part-time worship leaders. We’re celebrating all that God has done to provide and answer the many prayers we brought him as a church. Continue to pray for the staff as they walk through this transition. 


We are continuing to see higher maintenance costs on the children and youth buildings (roughly 100K over the last couple of years.) The elders are praying and planning for the next steps. 


All of our ministries have been active this spring. But, new to our ministries, many of our women in the church have been paired with mentors and meet routinely for real life discipleship. And our men's ministry is planning on launching the Betterman program in the fall. 


We are excited to share that we have given approximately 127K towards our mission fund this fiscal year to date. Our mission team has been allocating that money to our mission partners and special mission projects.