January Church Family Update - Pastor Candidate

Tim Osborne, Elder Board Member
Senior Pastor Candidate Update
Sunday, January 28, 2024

This morning I am pleased to bring you a significant update on our Pastor search.

As you know, Tyler Woerner has been serving as our interim pastor for about 10 months. During that time, the Elders have focused on a discernment process to discover who would serve us next as a Senior Pastor.

Today the Elders of TBC have completed that discernment process and are officially proposing that Tyler Woerner become the senior pastor of Trinity Bible Church.


If you recall, 10 months ago, we said that we would not begin the search for a Senior Pastor right away. We needed time to let things settle, and to seek God‘s leading for our future. Over that time, we have watched Tyler grow and develop in the pulpit, on the Elder Board, and as a leader for our excellent staff. During that time, we have been seeking to discover if Tyler would be the right person for us. At the same time, Tyler has been seeking God to know God’s plan for him.  We also met with the staff and have confirmed that they too are enthusiastic about this change.
That process has brought all of us to the same conclusion. It has become clear to us that God has provided our next pastor right here at home.

Just a little reminder of Tyler’s involvement here at TBC. Like many of you, he has served in a number of ways—volunteer, Small Group leader, Deacon, and Elder.
Prior to his time in the pulpit, Tyler volunteered to serve TBC as the Youth Ministry Leader. After we added Zach to our team as the youth pastor, Tyler helped to get Zack settled into the position and then shifted over to other functions with the staff. Then, when we needed him again, Tyler took the role of Interim Pastor. Now after 10 months in the pulpit, we have had plenty of time to observe Tyler grow as a leader and in his abilities in the pulpit. We have also watched his character, passion, and vision.

Trinity has a long and successful history of raising up key staff people from among the membership. This has been a blessing from God and a testimony to the effective ministry we have as an entire church. It has also been a key ingredient in developing a cohesive team that shares the same mission, vision, and culture. Now we are blessed to do that again in this important position.

So, what’s ahead?

In a couple of months, we will have a congregational meeting for the purpose of voting to confirm Tyler to this position.

During that time there are several things you can do:

First, pray for Tyler, Valerie, his family, the church, and God‘s hand in this process.
Second, get to know Tyler and Valerie if you have not had the opportunity to do so already.
Third, if you are yet not yet a member of Trinity Bible Church, we encourage you to attend a Discovering Trinity class to begin the member onboarding process.

You will need to be a member of the church before you will be able to vote at the congregational meeting—and we certainly want you to be a part of this process.

Below is more information about the Congregational Vote and the Trinity Membership:

Trinity Membership and Upcoming Congregational Vote

In order to vote on confirming Tyler as our Pastor, you will need to be a member of Trinity. If you have not gone through the new member process and wish to do so, please follow the current steps to becoming a member. 

  1. Attend Discover Trinity Class - Discover who we are as a church, what we believe, and learn about opportunities for you to belong, join a group, and find a place to serve.
  2. Meet with an elder or church leader to ask questions, share your story, be known and get connected. You will be paired with an elder and their wife or other church leader to make some personal connections and complete the process of becoming a member.
  3. Sign the Membership Covenant The Membership Covenant states that you agree with our beliefs and core values, and that you commit to being a member at Trinity.
  4. Be presented to the body on Sunday morning. You and the church will make a public commitment as a group.