Lost And Found

Karen Pullin
Originally published on April 1, 2020

Lost and Found

I lose things all the time:  keys, phone, shoes, glasses. Most of the time, I can find those things, or something better, if I will just look hard enough.  It seems like I’ve lost a lot of things in the last few weeks.  In the midst of the loss, its been important for me to look for the things that can be found.

At my house, we've all lost tangible things like school, work, activities and get-togethers.  But, Instead of going to school and work, we’ve found slower-paced mornings and the joy of learning in a different way.  Instead of parties and field trips, we’ve found puzzles, games, bike rides and long walks down a dirt road.  

Personally, I’ve lost a few intangibles, too.  I’ve lost hurry and found rest and comfort.  In Matthew 11: 28-29, Jesus invites me to find rest in him and in the way he wants me to live.  

I’ve lost control and found trust.  Psalm 62:8 reminds me to put my trust in him and pour out my heart to him.  He is my safe place, and I can be honest about my fears and uncertainty.

And I've lost my false sense of security and found anew my knowledge that God holds me securely in the palm of his hand and that nothing is lost to him.  I can trust him with the big and small details of my life and with the future that I cannot see.  

Long before COVID-19, I began memorizing Psalm 23. If I wake up in the middle of the night with anxious thoughts, the words of the psalm  ease my mind and comfort me.  I can use those words now in this time of uneasiness and fear to remind me of the truth of who God is and that he will walk with me wherever I go.

Karen Pullin