November Church Family Update

Trinity Bible Church

Trinity Bible Church Family!

As a part of our aim at regular communication with our congregation, we'd like to share some updates on the life of our church. These are the updates Shannon Guillory shared with our congregation on behalf of the elders on November 19th, 2023.  

Our Last Land Payment

We are thrilled to announce a significant financial milestone for our church. Thanks to the grace of God and your generous support, we have successfully paid off the land note. This was a monthly note of a little over $4,000, and its completion means we are now debt-free. This opens new possibilities for future ministry and development.

Update on Giving

Our giving has been lower than anticipated this year. Over the past four months, we have collected around 10-13% below our monthly target. This calls us to reflect on our commitment to stewardship and the role it plays in enabling our church's ministries. We haven’t made any adjustments to our budget and will continue to steward what God gives through his people.

Property and Liability Insurance

We faced a significant challenge as our property and liability insurance costs have doubled, now amounting to approximately $65,000. Thankfully, we were able to pay this in full for the year, avoiding the need for the additional cost of financing. This is a testament to our church's resilience and God's provision, even in times of unexpected financial strain.

Worship Pastor Search and Volunteer Engagement

We would like to update you on the search for a new worship pastor, which is currently on pause. This pause, however, has brought an encouraging development. The direction and input from our dedicated volunteers have been amazing. We are closely considering their thoughts and perspectives on the next steps. This period has highlighted the strength and commitment within our church family, and we are confident that the right path will reveal itself in God's timing.

Our faith and unity as a church family give us strength. We are called to trust in God's plan, support one another, and work together to answer the call Jesus has given each of us. Let’s continue to pray, give, and serve with hearts full of faith and love.

God Bless,
The Elders