Preparing For Christmas: Week 2 Devotions

Tyler Woerner

Read Luke 24 each day.

Day 1.

Jesus cares about our doubts. The tomb was empty in Jerusalem.  Peter, Mary and the rest were scared, heartbroken, and hiding out. They had been told Jesus would come back to them to launch His Kingdom. And he does. But not first. Seven miles away Jesus appears and interrupts a conversation. This story should remind us that while Jesus is building his church like he promised, he’s patient enough to walk with us in our doubts along the way. And the Truth of his story is important enough to spend the time. Don’t wait to settle your doubts and disappointments with Jesus. Invite him into the conversation.

Spend some time in prayer asking the Lord to search your heart for doubts. Ask Him to bring wisdom, clarity, and confidence in his word.

Day 2.

Jesus is The Lion and The Lamb. “How foolish you are” he roars at the seriousness of their misunderstanding. Jesus is more than the prophet they had known him as, more than one who performed good deeds for God and man. To know Jesus as anything less than Messiah will come with wrath. But he is the Lamb. He spends the time, he walks with them, talks with them, and breaks bread. When they encountered the Lion and the Lamb their eyes opened and their hearts burned. They met Jesus.

Spend some time thanking the Lord for who He is. Pray that the full character of Christ would be revealed in your life and that your heart would burn.

Day 3.

The chapter ends with a beautiful scene. The ascension of Jesus. The comfort that he brought them, and the “joy” and “amazement” he left them with, sent them strait to praising God. Vs 53 says they stayed continually at the temple, praising God. I’ve always admired the Catholic Church’s practice of perpetual admiration to ensure round the clock praising of Jesus. The idea of continual praise is an appropriate response!  Salvation has come. The promise was fulfilled. Jesus was the Messiah! They praised God with joy and anticipation for his promised Spirit!  

Spend some time praising God! Find Joy in the work he has done and the promises he fulfilled.