Psalm 2

Michael Kramer
Originally published on January 2, 2021
Disclaimer: "Journey trough the Psalms" is a compilation of journal notes and meditations written by several members of our church. The content is intended as a complementary material as you read one psalm a day.

Psalm 2 - the following is taken from Wikipedia and is quite helpful

This psalm is messianic, referring to the advent of the Jewish Messiah who will be preceded by the wars of Gog and Magog. In this vein, the "king" of Psalm 2 is interpreted not as David but as the future King Messiah from the Davidic line, who will restore Israel to its former glory and bring world peace.

The Talmud teaches (Sukkah 52a): our Rabbis taught: The Holy One, blessed be He, will say to the Messiah, the son of David (May he reveal himself speedily in our days!), "Ask of me anything, and I will give it to you", as it is said, "I will tell of the decree ... this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me and I will give the nations for your inheritance" (Psalms 2:7–8).

I especially like the last sentence which links Psalm 2 with the idea of blessing in Psalm 1. “Blessed are those who take refuge in Him.”

If you are looking for an easy way to get into God’s Word in 2021. Consider reading a Psalm a day. You will be blessed.