Psalm 4

Michael Kramer
Originally published on January 4, 2021
"Journey trough the Psalms" is a compilation of journal notes and meditations written by several members of our church. The content is intended as a complementary material as you read one psalm a day.

Psalm 4 - This Psalm deals with deep emotions and pain.

David has been exiled from His city, Jerusalem, and is on the run from his son, Absalom. Many of David’s subjects, “friends,” and even advisers have turned against him. David is having a very bad day (more like season). In the midst of His pain, David commits his very real emotions to God’s care.

David is being hunted by His son. He is physically fatigued and feeling the sting of betrayal & hurt (v. 2) as well as the strong emotion of anger (v. 4). He intentionally turns to God (v. 3), commits to not act-out in the pain but to do right (v. 5). He ultimately finds gladness (v. 7) and peace (v. 8 ) which comes from God’s presence (v. 6) and not His circumstances.

Psalm 3 and 4 are often paired. Psalm 3 would have been David’s morning prayer. Psalm 4 his evening prayer with all the emotions of the day. They are divided by the term “Selah” which means pause or rest and is a natural break to the Psalm.

This Psalm is quoted in Eph 4:26 - “be angry and do not sin.” Anger, which is often a secondary or symptomatic emotion that often points to deeper emotions of pain, fear, and hurt, should be consistently given to God vs acted out upon. Our efforts of revenge, retaliation, and resulting bitterness do not bring about the righteousness of God. Ultimately our wrong actions can rob us of peace instead of the gladness (v. 7) and security we desire.

I enjoyed the following short devo by Pastor Landon. He is a little quirky, probably why I enjoyed.

Michael Kramer