God Has A Name

Women's Ministry

June 6, 2024

Thursday mornings, 9:00-11:00am

God has a name

Led by Cheri Minckler
7 weeks, starting Thursday, June 6

Embark on a seven-week transformative journey with “God Has a Name” by John Mark Comer, a book study designed to deepen your understanding of the divine Creator.

In Exodus 34:7, God tells us His name. Four major themes in the study explore who God says He is (a really good thing to know), and guide you toward a richer, more personal understanding of Him and how we are called to respond to Him.

1. The Identity of God: Discovering the profound implications of God’s name, Yahweh, and how it distinguishes Him from other ‘gods’, setting the foundation for a unique relationship with the Creator.

2. The Character of God: Delving into the nature of God’s compassion, grace, and patience, and how these qualities redefine our understanding of divine justice and mercy.

3. The Commitment of God: Embracing the call to love and faithfulness in a world that often values the immediate over the enduring, reflecting God’s steadfast commitment to us.

4. The Passion of God: Reflecting on God’s jealous love, which seeks our wholehearted devotion and freedom, culminating in a deeper appreciation of His desire for an intimate relationship with each of us.

The book can be purchased on Amazon. The study guide will be provided.

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