A Time of Prayer

Julie Guidry
Originally published on April 9, 2020

A time of prayer

As I sat watching the news, the message requesting prayer came in. The message was urgent as his oxygen was being increased. The virus was effecting people that we knew, our friends, our family, it was hitting close to home.  The panic starts to set in, and I begin to worry and pray.  The fear grips me, and I pray more.  A thought pops in my head, and I have no doubt it was placed there by God himself.  The story of Peter.

In Matthew 14, Jesus feeds the 5,000, which in itself is an amazing miracle. Afterward, Jesus tells his disciples to go ahead of Him to the other side of the lake. Matthew 14:25, says, “Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake.” Of course they panic; He is walking on water!  Jesus speaks to them and Peter, oh Peter, the one I identify with so often, says “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.” The Lord tells Peter, “Come”.  The following verses continue, “Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.  But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and beginning to sink, cried out, ‘Lord save me!’ Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him."

Oh Peter, you and I are so much alike.  I know the Lord is here with me but I see the wind (virus), and I begin to sink (fear).  At times I have faith similar to Peter that I know God can do it.  Peter just watched the miracle of multiplying the bread and fish the day before.  I’ve watched the Lord heal so many and provide in so many ways.  But I see the wind (the news reports of another death, more confirmed cases, unemployment rates increasing, friends being diagnosed or admitted to hospitals).  The Lord in His faithfulness reaches down and catches me when I call out to Him.  He is always faithful!

Are you like Peter and I? Have you stepped out of the boat, maybe fearing the virus or in the throws of it and looking for the Lord’s hand?  Can I just give you some encouragement today?  Our Lord walks on water and works miracles STILL today!  He will not leave you or forsake you!  You can trust Him with your fear.  I encourage you to read your Bible and pray.  Just as Peter cried out to Jesus, we can do the same.

If you are reading this but are not quite sure you really know Jesus or you’re are not quite sure that He will listen to you, I want you to know that Jesus loves you!  He loves you so much that He died on a cross for your sins.  He died on that cross for all of our sins!  You can make a decision to follow Him today, right now, right where you are.  You just pray to Him.  Praying is simple, it’s just a conversation with Jesus.

You can pray this prayer, “Lord, I ask you to forgive my sins.  Catch my hand like you did Peter’s and help me.  I ask that you would come and live in my heart.  Thank you Lord for loving me.  Amen.”

I’m praying you will feel Jesus’ hand reach out to you and comfort you.  If you would like someone to pray with you, for you, or have questions please email info@trinitybible.org.

I pray we all remember that our Lord walks on water, calms the seas, heals the sick, and has gone to make a place for us in heaven!

Julie Guidry