Church Update May 2023

Marcel Bulliard

I’m Marcel, one of the elders here at TBC and I am speaking for all of us.

As you know, we are down some key staff positions, but we are not in panic mode.

We remain committed to the mission which the Lord has inspired over the 40 years of our history. We will always be a Bible teaching church with a passion for global evangelism, local outreach, real community, and genuine love for Jesus.

In spite of staff losses, we are equipped to sustain the mission.

We are taking a deep breath, so to speak, before we jump start the search for our next Senior Pastor. We are prayerfully analyzing our process, looking for clarity and direction from the Lord before we begin the search process. We have commissioned one of our own, Tyler Woerner, to serve as interim pastor.

We are also without a Worship Pastor, but are blessed with a dedicated team that has led us so very well since we lost Kurt Hoffpauir months ago. We are formally searching for a worship pastor. Instead of forming a large search team, we will process applicants using elders and staff. Be in prayer for the exact person that the Lord has prepared to serve in the role, that we would exercise patience and discernment during the search.

Our ministries are fully functioning under the leadership of Jodi Guillory. She has been a force for unity and a model of integrity when she was most needed and is now able to invest her time and talent in leading our church in all areas of ministry and outreach. She has the responsibility to coordinate a large roster of volunteer leaders, teachers and servants as well. That requires an extra amount of wisdom and patience.

Our youth ministry is flourishing under the leadership of our youth pastor, Zack Fleming. He has been able to establish relationships with our middle schoolers and high schoolers and their parents. It is our belief that our youth ministry will reach new levels of engagement and discipleship.

Children’s ministry remains in the capable hands of Susan Smith and Julie Guidry. I was able to serve for 8 months as a volunteer , full time staff member a while ago. I remember clearly how much I was affected by how much those two women love the families of TBC and love their ministry jobs.

We lost our business manager several months ago. Pam Nolley served so well in that role for a long time. At present, we are outsourcing most of our accounting and payroll functions. We will continue to evaluate this going forward.

We are blessed with two women who are part time employees, but are full time lovers of TBC. Debby Bardwell is our combination gate keeper, mom, and friend to all. She has been a constant force during multiple seasons of change at Trinity. Paola Rivas came on board a couple years ago as an IT person. While she has some tech responsibilities, she has quickly become integral to all ministry planning and maintenance. Her heightened awareness of the Lord’s presence has often helped us to focus when emotions start  taking over.

Please continue to be all in as a member of our church. You can pray, volunteer, support in so many ways. We remain committed to the Lord’s plans for our church. We know the plans He has for us.