"Introduction to Mathew" DEAF Bible Study Transcript

P J Broussard

Lesson on video

May 28, 2023


PJ speaking: Good morning, everyone! Let me open prayer.  Father, I want to say thank you for this morning. Good and enjoy this beautiful day. Tomorrow is Memorial Day, I ask you to bless many people of families and friends who have their soldiers who went to war. Remember and honors, but also we take our time to remember and honor God, thank God for provide us all of protection. God bless us many things. Yes, we remember You daily, we honor You daily. Knowing that tomorrow is Memorial Day, good chance to us since we have been busy doing our stuff, family time, time off, good opportunity to sit back and thinking, looking up to you, God and thank you. That’s so wonderful. Now, exciting for today, we go ahead start open book of Matthew, one of four gospels. I’m asking You to give your Holy Spirit in me and help me to expand of verses. Let us feel motivate to learn and be ready to understand. Thank you in Jesus Name, I pray. Amen

Before I start, I have some good news to announce. First of all, one, our church ministry director just told me that for now during summer, small  workers who’s willing to take care of my kids and also have other ministry gather as well as small numbers. For during Fall, will have more workers, meaning deaf blind who have their children are welcome to come and have their children taken care of. All along there have children ministry starts at 10:30, no 9 in the morning services. Workers are willing to take care and help us. Notice that we have our kids around and my wife have been taking care. This lady name Andrea notice as well, she came to talk to someone about it, wow, thank you! They have been cooperating and set up a day to take care of our kids for short til Fall, more kids can come.  Second, I have more list to announce but will save some in right time. Also since we recently start in April 19, I mean 16, all along, I have notice that church people have been support us, wow really heavy supporter, and support us real hard without me asking. They already have been giving and ready  to do anything. Also, on Trinity.org, the website on the list already added to Deaf Ministry with our group pictures. I was shocked! The church people already notice that we are already here as Deaf Ministry! Yay!! Good News! Wow! I felt so inspired! It has been only one and half month already, they have noticed us. Even last week, I have met few hearing men who came to me, let know me that they have heard about me and want to let me know that they have enjoy join and keep continue share the gospels for God. I was amazed and wonder how they know, because of the website. Also one the lady told me that they do download the blogs I use on YouTube, they upload to put them on the website and with my wife do the hard work to do the transcript for hearing and deaf-blind who can’t see the videos so they use transcript to read to see what the video are saying. Awesome, wow! They have do lot for us. Please make sure we say thanks to our church and staff, also say thanks to Jodi! Okay?! Dan, yes?

Mirror interpreting: Dan speaking: Hello, this is Dan, it is really good to hear that God’s plan opening to deaf blind community.

PJ speaking: Yes, right! Thank you!

Ready for new lesson?! Ready?! First opening, what…



Before I start with new verses open, hold. I want to introduction to open Matthew. What’s the point of this gospel for? For what’s Matthew purpose? Did you know that there is four gospels of different background, different reasons, different purposes? I will explain what’s book of Matthew is about. Do you know who is Matthew?

Everyone said yes.

Matthew, whose name means "gift of Lord." left his occupation of collecting taxes (Matt. 9:9-13) in order to follow Jesus. In Luke 5:27-32, Matthew gave a banquet for Jesus before becoming one of the twelve apostles (Matt. 10:3).

He was an eyewitness of Jesus' entire ministry. The four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) form a unique kind of written document. They present four complementary views of the life of Jesus.

Aside from these four gospels, there are only a few writings in the contemporary historians, Josephus and Tacitus, which discuss the life and activities of Jesus.

Several scholars suggest that these four were written down, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, because the number of surviving eyewitnesses to Jesus's life were dwindling.

From early times, Matthews book has been placed at the beginning of the New Testament. The approximate date for its writing is AD 58 to 68(*). There is some evidence that it was originally written in Hebrew or that Matthew made one copy in Hebrew and one in Greek.

PJ speaking: (*)Between AD 58 to 68, during that time meaning Matthew wrote during Jesus travels? No. It was written after Jesus was risen so to was partially about that time when Matthew wrote. (Back to screen)

The large number of Old Testament quotations used in the book seem to indicate that Matthew directed his writing primarily toward a Jewish audience. He laid great stress On the Old Testament passages that identify Jesus as the Messiah (Christ), the long awaited King of Israel.

For the most part, the narrative is chronological (*), though certain portions of the material are grouped according to subject matter (e.g., the Sermon on the Mount, chaps. 5-7, and the parables in chap. 13) In Matthew's presentation of the life of Jesus, the central theme is that he is the King of the long-awaited kingdom of God. " Of the fifteen parables and twenty miracles recorded in the gospel of Matthew, ten of the parables and three of the miracles are not mentioned in the other gospels.

PJ speaking: (*)Chronological is mean as in timeline in order, not mix events in carefully. (Back to screen)

In addition, the account of the saints who came back to life at Christ's resurrection (Matt. 27:51, 52), the sealing of Jesus' tomb, and the posting of the Roman guard outside it (Matt. 27:62-66) are exclusively recorded in the gospel of Matthew.

PJ speaking: Before start next part, I want to add. I remember when I was reading four gospels, I have notice one of the story or a miracle happened as I read. Some bible have two columns on each page, if you notice on the top have parentheses or small note? These are related to connect to other verses to current verses. Some stories have no parentheses or related to other verse, mean easy notice the identify. Same with John, have one of story, really strange story we will get to that part later, seeing these stories were fascinated. With Jew and Greek context, meaning use words in that sentence. Understand this, not proportion match to our English uses today, it is not. For example, love word in English use have one interpret which we already know what love, but in Jew and Greek expand many list of meaning. Another example, Agape in Jew means love of God, His kind of love not the same as our. That kind of love we can’t give, it’s God’s love and precious which we can’t compare. Other Jew’s words, try to remember the list, but will tell you about that list later. It have different list, other word is general love, husband and wife love, family and friend love, love of the world mean “lust” and have different meaning of the list.  Also another example of a man as one word, knowing mean a man. Really, a word of man have more than one meaning. I read and surprised of how many it has more than one meaning, but does the word of man apply to gender related? No. But yes, the word of man mean male, but also other mean as human kind, human being, mankind - mean all the same. When people read a book and see many word of man everywhere, that’s why some people get confused of meaning. Look in KJV, Adam knew Eve, some people puzzled. The word knew mean Adam and Eve have their sexual relationship together in old times as in  nice word, same concept and proportion. In Matthew, have lot of context which we have to be careful to interpret these stories. I thank to these school who are smart at how to do English translation which is not easy at all. They have heavily using scriptures from Old Testament point to Jew people. Why? Reason because Jew people already know the Old Testament scriptures, they have practice on old laws, Jew laws, their tradition and their cultures ever since that was give by God. In other countries, God didn’t give them that kind cultures. God designed Jews. God use Jews as an example for us to learn. Why? To show us who is Jesus Christ and what His purpose from different prophets, it all come back to Jesus Christ. From book of Genesis through Malachi are about Jesus, first four gospels which is obviously about Jesus, from apostles’ letters to Revelation also come back to Jesus, both sides come to Jesus as He is the center of everything, nothing else. Sometime we have to be careful with theorical which mean theory discuss, we need to avoid from that. For example, some people are looking for all evidences, where is excatly time, date, that related to the history and etc. God’s time always excellent. The written in the Bible and history details seem not match, reason why, because they depend on the calendar. There are different kind of calendars all over countries, too many confuse discuss but God’s words are clear and exact which is all the point. That’s why we will study through verses carefully and look at their points. During Jesus’ times, they did not use Jew calendar, using Julian Calendar that was made by Julian Caesar. I was reading history, it was set that while Roman Empire who was in control, Jew was under Roman and follow their times. Before Jesus times, at Egypt want set of their own calendar but Julian Caesar wouldn’t let them, Egypt have terrible pride. That kind of behavior that  what Julian Caesar have been doing is wrong? No, it was fulfill in God’s prophet and it blend in perfectly. I learned so much of it and was impressed, starting to fascinating to their history. I personally hate history when I was younger in schools, but when I read and learn that related to bible history, I fall into and love it. Beautiful! I also did including some history within verses and sections. I will explain one sessions at a time and expand to the points of that subjects. I’m sure y’all will enjoy! I know that Dan would because you’re bookworm, right? (Talking to Dan) (laughing) Okay let’s start - first session. On this part, I use verse 1 and 17, I skipped 2-16 because of long list of names. Abraham is father to Issac, Issac is father is Jacob and so on. I summary to the points. Some people get bored and seems not important, but really it is very important.

Starting Of Matthew

The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ

“This is a record of the ancestors of Jesus the Messiah, a descendant of David and of Abraham:”

“So all the generations from Abraham to David were fourteen generations, and from David to the deportation to Babylon fourteen generations, and from the deportation to Babylon to the Christ fourteen generations.” Matthew 1:1 and 17

Notice at the number fourteen repeatedly, wow! Fascinating of number fourteen means something. What is the point of all the names are important, why? There is another chapter in Luke, also have generation of names list but it started with Adam, not Abraham. What’s the difference? Will explain…

What’s point to it? Covenant was establish through Abraham. God already made covenant and promise to Abraham, your generation will spread start from there Abraham because of… (mirror interpret interrupt)

Mirror interpret: Annie speaking

PJ speaking: Hold

Mirror interpret: Sorry to interrupt. What is “C” as agree?

PJ speaking: Covenant, God’s agreement and compromise.

Mirror interpret: Not use to it.

PJ speaking: All good, fine.

Covenant and promise with Abraham, because to his great faith, it show truly willing to do anything. God told him what to do. Abraham agreed to do what God told him to do which he almost killed his own son because God told him to sacrifice his son. Abraham had hard time to accept because he and his wife have been struggled to have a child. Sarah couldn’t get pregnant, was in 90ish years old. She was too old. God told her that she will have a son and she laughed. She’s too old, God said think He can’t do it? Abraham shushed to Sarah, shh. Later, one day they had a son Isaac. Finally, an old man and old woman had a son. God said to Abraham, Now go to the mountain and sacrifice your son on the altar. Abraham looked up to God, You gave me a son that I longing for and now You want me to give up my son. Hard to accept, but he go ahead do it. Abraham and Issac went up to the mountain, built an altar, had Issac on it, and Abraham was ready to kill. God, an angel said stop! Ram was already trapped in the bush, sacrifice ram. Issac got off the altar, kill ram. Issac was still alive. So picture this as proportion point all to Jesus. Jesus came onto the Earth as a “sheep”. Jesus died and risen as like Issac, same apply to these. Fascinating to what, go back to when Abraham and Issac rode on donkey up to mountain, right before the sacrifice. Look at two strange things, one is ride on two donkeys, remember? Meaning Jesus rode on two donkeys, celebrated, enter. Remember this story? People was cheered, made music, praise Him before entering Jerusalem, a week before Easter. Know this story? On first Sunday, that’s the story, same as Abraham and Isaac rode on the donkeys. Two is Abraham was carrying a knife and fire on torch, walking. Isaac was carrying wood on his shoulder for to build an altar. Meaning proportion to Jesus who goes through strikes, suffered, mocked, but God was with Jesus all along. Jesus carried his wood on his shoulder. See the connection? Fire on torch and knife, see the knife  meaning that Jesus going through with pain, fire on torch meaning Holy Spirit bonds. So see all these connections, awesome! It’s also Jews understand and see what Jesus goes through details that Matthew pulling out of the verses. Wow, beautiful stories, right? That’s why and where all it started from Abraham. Starting to Issac, faith to God; next to Jacob, he cheated to his brother and escaped, later he realized and came back. Question is, Does God chose those three men because they had faith, trust and go on? Answer is no not really. God already had a plan long before the world was created. God made a plan and blend in beautiful and perfect. Generation from Abraham to David, why chose David? David have his heart for God, his love for God is so greatly and also just little simple shepard. He start leading when he was only twelve years old. Remember this as proportion as Jesus started preaching to Pharisees when he was twelve years old as well. Jesus and David going through same path as twelve years old., apply to apply to simple story, wow awesome. God chose David, understand this, David has older brothers. God told to prophet Samuel  go pick a king from this family. He went to the older brother, was impressed that he has built body who has skilled in war, look right for a king. God told Samuel, I’m not looking for outside appealing, look inside. Samuel tried pick each brothers, God denied each one of them, 6 sons. Where is the 7th son, do you have another son somewhere? Father of this family, said yes out there taking care of sheep. They called David to come, God said yes that’s him! Proportion this to Jesus, who met to John the Baptist, baptized Jesus. The heaven opened and said That is my beloved one Son. Same prophecy connection. God promised to David, the anointed one will be from his line to who sitting on the throne which came true. Why? The line of Joseph “stepfather” of Jesus, other line of Mary of Jesus who was from bloodline from David too, both have same lines. I have a paper that has all the names as family tree, they are far cousins. Mary have far cousin to Elizabeth was pregnant and birth to John the Baptist, so that prophecy was fulfilled. Jesus was emphasizing to be the king of Israel.

Didn’t realize it was end of sessions… as I explained expanding. Next part to Babylon exile, what’s sad part of what Babylon exile?

Interuppted: Someone was saying what’s that of Babylon as in sign language.

PJ speaking: Do you know a king name Nebuchadnezzar, mean king, that thrown three wise men in the fire? Know that story? Related to book of Daniel.

Interrupted: Mirror interpret: Annie speaking: I want to make sure I don’t get confuse with Cuba which in sign language “B” on forehead.

PJ speaking: I see other deaf paster sign “B” on forehead. Important when you see me sign as fingerspelling Babylon.  Knowing that’s related to Babylon, not Cuba. It has nothing do with Cuba at all. Only to Babylon, so stick with me, okay?  The reason why it sign “B” on the forehead because of king of Nebuchadnezzar has a shape of crown or hat is so long and also have long chin beard. Plus he had big pride, ego, and think high above God, that’s why.  I also seen some other pastor messages about Babylon and see their signs that way. Thank you for clarifying.

Mirror interpret: Jayce speaking: Okay, I think same thing of what it look like “a movie with a home set and has long hat and beard, look like little people walking” I’m not sure if it related to this story?

PJ speaking: I’m not sure what you are talking?

Mirror interpret: Talking about “B” on the forehead, similar to little people like “kids”, standing humble quietly like a movie. Wonder if it same?

PJ speaking: No. It’s different. Babylon, where to start is to read in the book of Daniel. That’s where King of Nebuchadnezzar and Israel, Jerusalem exile and destroy the temple, took all the people and bring them to slave for many years. The story of Daniel who was thrown into lions pit where they were so starving. Know that story? That related to that story to the point.

Babylon exile and destroy the temple. Why does Israel people were sinful against God terribly? In Jesus time, what happened to the people of Pharisees, they still sin against God, they put Jesus on the cross. Yes, God made this plans that Jesus will die on the cross, but at the same time the people of Pharsees have their consequence as well. Meaning at the temple in 70 AD was collapsed and destroy second time but by Roman armies. It happened during Rome war while that time. The Bible didn’t explain that time period of Rome. So that proportion to section to section, all connections. Wow! Anyone have any questions?

Mirror interpret: Annie speaking: Just popped in my head, wonder why called Mary and Jospeh were cousins? Right generation from David, but it has fourteenth generations as it is long way, they don’t concern as cousin if like now we are from same family in Noah. Do we call ourselves cousins?

PJ speaking: Speaking of concept point. It doesn’t have to be exact, really. Why of as concept, like people say to Jospeh, son of David. Does it mean that Jospeh is actually son of David literally?

(Annie said, “no, from through generations”)

PJ speaking: That is the concept is about. Joseph and Mary come from line of David still. I call it distant cousins. Does it concern like close blood as cousins? Not always, it doesn’t. It all point of related to prophecy speak as its prophet comments. It apply of what it means. The Bible didn’t say cousins, but I have read and understand like in a quote that they are brother and sister in Christ, does it mean we are actually in the related in blood? No. It is in concept  that we are cousin in Christ as in quote.

Mirror interpret: Annie speaking: I understand what you mean. You need to be careful with people who are not know God. It can cause confusion. Really, Jospeh and Mary are both cousins, and they got pregnant with Jesus, don’t do that.

PJ speaking: Who said Jospeh and Mary got pregnant?

Mirror interpret: Annie speaking: Try to avoid the word cousins. What I learned recently… No not really far generation explain exact of the list, I see, that’s why the Bible never said that Joseph and Mary are cousins. Don’t cause the confusion content. Put it on aside.

PJ speaking: Don’t worry.

Mirror interpret: Dan speaking: Why cousins? Put this back of head, Jesus none, all the world of people are cousins because of Adam and Eve may make sense as in Jesus children.

PJ speaking: That what I mean as in concept perspective.

Mirror speaking: Jayce speaking: Like in concept, you and I, other person I don’t know who til we had a conversation and notice the last name. We discuss and found out that we relate to each other as cousins because of the last name. Never know when you meet new person then later find out we relate to family line, really it is normal.

PJ speaking: Yes, right. And also, do you know that Jews people  traditionally have been marrying cousins to cousins?  Like Issac married to Rebekah, they are cousins. Jacob married to Rachel and Leah, they are cousins as well.  That’s the Jews tradition. Same here as long ago, we have too many Broussard who have been married to another Broussard. Same concept but ugly history, right? Too many cousins. So…really it is not the point of the bloodline, paint of Spirit line related.

Interrupted: Mirror interpret: Annie speaking: Curious about back to know more about Exodus, do not have sex with your one of your marriage of your mother and father, both are cousins. It was in Old Testament before us already start above, so how get marry? Because of the rules already there.

PJ speaking: Yes, it was point of incest. Brother and sister in sexual relations. Father have a new wife, one of father’s son is in sexual relation with stepmom which concern like your sleep with your own father. It didn’t say anything about cousins, but as in today, medical reasons, cousins don’t mix. We have too many deafness, usher syndrome, legal blindness different than years ago. God designs different. Adam and Eve were first people and have sexual relations, born two sons. Then how more people born, that has be something we have to figure it out. Bible said that Adam and Eve have many children after Seth was born, Abel died, they give birth to sons and daughters. They may have sexual relations in first generation all along to Noah, then it became disaster. Noah and many people in the world were so disaster and filthy. God destroyed them by flood and start over from generation of Noah. Now have left is Noah’s three children and their wives, maybe more far in family. The Bible was implied about these means didn’t expand and explain in story. So that’s why we leave it as it is.

Mirror interpret: Jayce speaking: I’m curious, talking about other family that relate to God, but little off the subject and complicated. I don’t understand why, but call it Godmother and Godfather, like my aunt as she’s my Godmother. As in quote, I don’t understand why they do that, and call Godparents, was set up by Catholic or regular as in old traditions, I’m not sure.

PJ speaking: That’s Catholic traditions. It doesn’t relate to the Bible.

Mirror interpret: Ooh I see.

PJ speaking: Yeah. It’s separate subjects.

Annie, I understand that you are worried about don’t want to cause confusion to people. That’s why we have need Holy Spirit to trust to take care of us. If you get worry, meaning you don’t trust Holy Spirit? It’s important let the Holy Spirit works through people. Remember when I message other day about Philippians chapter four, if anyone disagree with these; God will make it simple for us. It means that we need to read and study as it is bible study for. We are still in bible study to learn, even tho some pastor preach some verses and people still confuse as today still, making no difference. As Paul wrote and said many people who don’t know Jesus and they look at the cross like a fool. They say wrongful message to other people about the cross, but the message of the cross were wonderful for us Christians. When the message were shared, they are mystery that are hidden from us. Once the Holy Spirit touch our hearts, that’s when our heart and mind are open and understand, spirit revealed us. I understand your concern, thank you for your concern, I feel the same way. I have to learn to trust the Holy Spirit no matter what. Jesus came and died on the cross for, he is risen and pour his Holy Spirit to works through us. I understand as in today, we see the world is getting worst and terrible. We wonder how. Remember Dan asked me last week, how can we improve this? That is one thing we can’t do, we are human, we are weak, but only one God can do impossible thing. We can do what we are possible, but not the impossible. The trick is look at the word impossible, stand for “I am possible”, like God said I am. God can do the impossible things! Trust Him! Let him do the works while I sow the seeds of His words, love, show, lift up the support, that’s all we can do, try our best because no one is perfect. We make mistakes, sometime we overlook Even when a pastor preach for 30 to 40 years and sometime he does overlook too. My pastor mentor did message and said that sometime he did said wrong message and didn’t realize for over 30 years til he restudy same verse that caught my attention. He looked back to where he preached last time and overlooked, he made mistakes so that does happens to any of us. That’s normal, we make mistakes, try our best. I hope that helps as it is clarify. Okay, anyone else before I close the prayer. Anyone who want to volunteer to pray close prayer? You? Okay then come on. Don’t understand what she said.

Mirror interpret: Annie speaking: I’m happy to pray but don’t want to be in front of video.

PJ speaking: You can go ahead, my mirror interpret will do the interpreting. I understand some people are camera shy.

Mirror interpret: Annie speaking: Our Father, we want to say thank you and blessing to be here altogether with precious brothers and sisters in Christ. All we need is You, Your bless and thank you for expose on PJ teaching our God’s special words. It’s important that we learn Words daily, never stop. We thank you for us continue through all along, touch us and give some wisdom.  Bless us and have a wonderful day. God bless you and thank you in Jesus Name, Amen