Bringing help and hope to real people in specific ways

Trinity’s Mission Strategy

Trinity Bible Church is a “Mission Church.” Jesus said, “As the Father sent me, I am sending you.” (John 20:21) It may seem like a silly question, but what if Jesus really meant that? If we really believe him, then how will that affect the ways we invest our time, people, money, technology, facilities and prayer? We are not here for ourselves. We are called and we are sent. We are on assignment to be a blessing to our community and to our world. What is our plan?


Focused – So many places, so much need. How can we not be overwhelmed? We know that we can’t do everything, but we must remember that we can do something. So we choose and we focus. Our mission began in a small village in Haiti in 1990. As we have grown, we have added other focus areas. These have become our favorite places—the people we have come to love and will continue to serve.

Relational – Ministry is always personal. Everything we do is built on personal relationship—our relationships with one another and our relationship with God. Jesus said, ‘Love your neighbor’, and He also said, ‘Reach the world.’ What we have learned is that you can’t reach the world until the world becomes your neighbor.

Strategic –Our mission is like a relay race. One person runs and skillfully hands the baton to the next runner, then that runner does the same, and so on, until the finish line is crossed and everyone celebrates together. Missionaries begin by bringing the gospel into a new area. Then they pass the baton on to the locals who spread the gospel to others. These locals, (whom we call “nationals”) play a very important role as things develop. Together, we run farther and faster than we could alone. Whether ministering to people’s spiritual or physical needs, nationals enable workers to be multiplied into the harvest. Our role is to lead and teach them in the early stages and then to assist and encourage them to finish the race.

Persistent – Even though our role changes as time passes, our commitment to God’s mission and to our national partners does not. Sometimes ministry is fun and exciting; the reports from the field are encouraging and everything is going great. There are also tough times, difficulties, setbacks, and painful disappointments. Sounds a lot like life. Trinity is not just asking our people to engage in a “feel good” ministry, but to live a persistent commitment to the mission Christ commanded us to complete.

Join Us - Join with us in all that God has called us to do. Here is a brief introduction to our focus areas. From time to time you will hear about serving opportunities with our Local Mission Partners below and upcoming mission trips to the following countries with our Global Mission Partners.