Psalm 60

Matt Adams
Originally published on 2020

Psalm 60

At first read, is difficult to understand where David is coming from. David’s army experienced a victory in battle, and yet, he pens this lament Psalm that feels all but victorious. David writes Psalm 60 in the midst of the battle. The battle is not going their way. They are feeling defeated, broken and rejected by God. David writes these words to teach and inspire his men. He reminds them of God’s promise to give this land to them. He reminds them that victory is the Lord’s.

This Psalm also serves as a teaching moment for us as well. We follow and trust God. We move into hard situations. We seem to be doing the right thing but we don’t see victory. Instead, we find ourselves in frustrating and difficult circumstances. Our heart and soul cry out to God “Where have you gone? Why have you abandoned me?” It is at these very moments we need to remember, God is faithful. He is still with us in the middle of defeat as well as victory. He is faithful during the good times and the bad times.

In the middle section David reminds them that they are His people. He loves them and cares for them. They have value in His eyes. God’s love is unmeasurable and His faithfulness is unending. Setbacks and defeats should not be seen as God’s abandonment, but instead, they should be seen as a chance to strengthen our faith and trust in His love and His promises. God is with you at every turn. He is faithful and He will walk with you through every battle. When you come out on the other side give Him all praise and glory because the battle belongs to the Lord. With God we will gain victory.

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