Small Group Guidelines

Tyler Woerner

Small Group Guidelines

Review these with your group during the first meeting. As a leader be mindful of them and steer your group members to be mindful of them as you continue to meet. 


Anything said in the group stays in the group. 


Commitment to regularly attending a group meeting is a priority. If it’s necessary to miss communicating as early as you can. 


I will show deference to the thoughts, opinions, and feelings of others. 


I will leave time for others to talk and I will allow others to express themselves without interruption. 


I will not offer advice unless it is specifically requested. 


I will be as open with my life as I can be at this time. 


We will come together before God as a group to ask, confess, and thank the Lord. During the week, I will pray for members of my group on a regular basis. 


I will become involved in caring for group member’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

Serving Others 

I will serve others with my group 


Our group will be a place of fun, joy and laughter.