TBCDM Bible Study

P J Broussard


Hello everyone! We didn’t have lesson nor vlog today but we did discussed as we reviewed over Matthew 4 through 6. It was great discussion today! Also I have exciting news to share with you! Here’s word I received from Jodi, our church elder and Ministry director:

Dear Trinity Family,

We are pleased to announce the results of today’s Congregational vote; Tyler Woerner has been confirmed as our pastor at Trinity!  Over two-thirds of our members were present (217) and over 94% voted yes to confirm Tyler as pastor.

We are looking forward to this new season of ministry at Trinity as God sustains and grows his church. Thank you to all who participated today.

Please be in prayer for the Woerners as they continue in this role and for our church family.

View the announcement from the end of second service here.


Your TBC elders and staff

PJ speaking: when you come visit TBC, be sure to meet Tyler and congratulate him and make him feel welcome and let him get to know you better! He preached about healing of deaf man last Sunday and he explained it very beautifully!! I must say as deaf person, I’m very moved by words he shared after I gave him my perspective by his request. He did awesome job for pastor because the way he visualized the message, he hit the nail! He learned and understands how a deaf person deals with things that we struggled. I’m sure Tyler would love to meet more of you and would love to know more about us! Thank you! Blessings,