Your Giving At Trinity

Michael Kramer

My Dear Trinity Family,

What a remarkable year it has been. TBC’s church family rhythms have begun to return. We have had added two excellent staff members, Paola Rivas (communications) and Zach Fleming (youth director).  We couldn’t be more excited for the future! 

As we look forward, I am happy to share that Trinity remains fiscally solid. While our giving has seen a decrease over each of the last four years, there is great reason to celebrate. Many of you gave beyond your TBC contributions to Haiti Hurricane Relief, Hope for Kidz in Haiti, Burundi’s “A New Beginning”, and local hurricane relief. The elders and missions team have increased missions giving for the year from 17% to 18%. We hope this trend continues. Lastly, your generous giving over the last year has met all our needs.

It is because of your faithfulness in giving that ministry continues to thrive at Trinity. Your generosity to the Lord has provided for our local and global mission partners to continue to advance the gospel. We celebrate the addition of a new local mission partner, Duane Swanson and ReachGlobal Crisis Response. We will be hosting a training August 5th and 6th here at TBC. 

Your faithfulness also allows us to gather weekly as a body to worship, for staff to minister to the body, and for all ages to engage in ministry both inside and outside of Trinity. We continue to be a body of believers who invites others to listen to Jesus’ call and answer with their lives all by His grace and for His glory.

While I personally do not know what any individual gives to the Lord at Trinity. I do know that collectively you have continued to give generously and faithfully. Ultimately, the Lord is the greatest giver. As a fellow co-laborer with you, I feel humbled to be able to serve, give, and minister with a body of believers who are generous and want to give back to the Lord in tangible ways. Thank you for reflecting our Savior’s heart so well. I am proud and thankful for you!

Your end of the year giving statement is attached for you to review. Please contact Pam with any questions at especially if your statement is missing any of your contributions. If you have any questions about the church’s finances please call us at 406-2801.

He is faithful,

Michael and the Trinity elders